One Day


One day you will catch a scent in the air
And it will occur to you that it’s familiar
A memory, unbidden, will come
Not like lightning, but a flicker, on the edge of awareness
A flash of her honest stare, the fullness of her laugh

What did you see as she stood before you?
Did you find her lovely?
Or was she just a fool?
Unhindered, she gave her thoughts
Freely, she poured herself out to you

What did you feel when she offered to care?
Did you realize it wasn’t a choice for her?
She knows no other way to exist
She loves, she gives, she falls, she breaks
But the pieces, they come together, and she loves on

The memory comes on the wind
What will you remember?
What was she to you?
She was nothing!
And you won’t remember
No, not at all!


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