The Watchers: Prologue pg. 3


“They’re beautiful.” Sariel stood very still and let her explore him. No one had ever touched him and the sensations were overwhelming. He remembered being shocked by the sudden pain radiating from his hands. When he looked at them he realized he’d gouged them with his own nails. He had watched, in amazement, as a drop of his blood fell into the flowers before him. Amazement turned to awe as a new flower suddenly sprang from the others. It was essentially the same as the others but larger and more vivid a blue. His attention was drawn back to Bayla as she exclaimed and cradled his hand, “look how it heals!” It was true, the wounds were already all but healed with no indication that they’d been there at all. Bayla lifted his hands to her mouth and kissed each one. He remembers cradling her face then and bending until they were inches apart. He’d paused, breathing her in, she had smelled like life, like the earth and trees just after the dew. Slowly, he lowered his lips to hers. It was as if lightning struck him then! So much emotion and sensation at once! He’d enfolded them with his wings and continued to kiss and touch her mouth, her face, and her silky hair. “Bayla, my little love, you are a wonder to me.” Stepping back and with one large swoosh of his wings hundreds of flower blossoms fell from the tree above. She had laughed with joy and turned in circles as the pink petals fell onto her upturned face and hands and tangled in her hair. He’d then raised his hands and sent out his senses to the nearby river calling the water to him. He showered droplets over her relishing how they glistened on her golden skin. The sun had been at the perfect angle for rainbows to form around her as she danced in the rain he made for her.


She was the first, and for a time, the only human to see a rainbow. She froze and stood in the light, watching the colors reflect around her. “What is it called?” She’d asked. “It’s magic, my love, and I will share all of it with you in time.” He said as he beckoned her to him. She walked into his arms and lay her head upon his chest. “And you, what am I to call you?” she asked. “You may call me Sariel, love.” Her gaze was puzzled. “Sariel? This name is strange to me. What does it mean?” Sariel stepped back from her and let all human semblance fall from him. An inner light shown from his skin, hair, and eyes as he raised both arms and wings to the sky. Suddenly, the day darkened to night. He hadn’t noticed when Bayla fell to the ground in fear. She stared blankly up as the stars and moon appeared, brighter than normal, in the sky above her. “My name means angel of guidance. I can teach you to find your way with the night sky as well as other things.” He’d been smiling as he manipulated the heavens but when he looked down and noticed her cringing in terror he released his magic immediately. Returning to his simpler form, he knelt in the dirt before her, “Bayla, darling, I didn’t mean to frighten you.” He whispered gently to her, scooped her into his lap, and wrapped his wings around her in an attempt to ease her shivering. Sariel had then begun to sing a song of the angels to her.

“Oh little beloved one
Never should you fear the dark
A greater creation than even the sun
Is the life that beats in your heart

Oh little beloved one
Never should you fear the cold
The power from which galaxies are spun
Finds you lovely to behold

Oh little beloved one
Never should you fear pain
Embrace the lessons, do not run
Don’t close your eyes in vain

Oh little beloved one
Never should you fear death
That battle has been won
Even so, beloved, cherish every breath

You are a beautiful creation
The clay that was formed
A diamond out of darkness
The glory through the fire
A miracle has been forged”

-LM Jones


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