The Watchers: Chapter 1, Pg. 2


Nothing Gold Can Stay

“They’re beautiful.” Sariel stood very still and let her explore him. No one had ever touched him and the sensations were overwhelming. He remembered being shocked by the sudden pain radiating from his hands. When he looked at them he realized he’d gouged them with his own nails. He had watched, in amazement, as a drop of his blood fell into the flowers before him. Amazement turned to awe as a new flower suddenly sprang from the others. It was essentially the same as the others but larger and more vivid a blue. His attention was drawn back to Bayla as she exclaimed and cradled his hand, “look how it heals!” It was true, the wounds were already all but healed with no indication that they’d been there at all. Bayla lifted his hands to her mouth and kissed each one. He remembers cradling her face then and bending until…

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