Today, I am not…


I am not the calm of a spring day
I am the scorching summer thunder
I am not the bird song of may
I am the lightning skies asunder

Don’t ask that I always be your smiling girl
It will only cause you pain
Don’t dress me in muslin and pin curl
I’ll just ruin them in the rain

Allow me to spin in the hurricane of my mind
Don’t hinder the wild flame
Yes, I am still your little one, good and kind
yet, I am also the wild thing, never to be tamed.


11 thoughts on “Today, I am not…

  1. Further Adventures with the Lady Poet

    She lifts her head
    Turns from the window
    Seeing me through a poets’ eyes
    Categorizing and classifying
    Eyes that slice
    and peel away the cutis
    section the torso
    remove the soft parts
    All the pieces and parts
    neatly pressed
    between the lines
    of her masterworks

    I have given up Reason
    And go with the flow
    I know
    The weight of too many poets
    in my arms over the years
    A river of flames and faces
    turning for home
    I drift into a reverie
    I walk along the seashore
    We do not speak
    I write your name
    in the sand.

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