Making the Sale


2015-03-15 12.44.08
Around and around
I lap the kiosk in the mall
Crowds roll by like tidal waves
Eleven hour day
And I fight my consciousness
As it tries to float away
Like a balloon on a string
Tip back an energy drink
Get some wings
Sell my product
Any good salesman knows
It’s worth what they’re willing to pay
And I’m good at what I do
But I’m different too
It’s not just about the sale for me
I like to connect
The sales team laughs
As I’m greeted by person after person
“Hi Leah!” They say
And I know them all by name
My fellow salesmen smirk and say,
“You’ll soon change.
It will only be about the commission.”
I smile and nod
Let them think it’s true
“Here Miss! For you!”
She turns to take my card
As I explain the product
I see her eyes
They’re beautiful
She smiles as I tell her so
Because I’m genuine
Not just making the sale.
-LM Jones

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