I’ll always love the meadow more


I’ll always love the meadow more
Than even the wild ocean shore
As alluring as her vastness be
It’s the earth that sings of joy for me

A gypsy melody twirling in wild grass
Not siren songs lingering in sailboat masts
Give me a cradle of fresh cut straw for my bed
As bumble bees and hummingbirds buzz about my head

I’ll make a crown of wildflowers for my hair
Leave the shells for the mermaids, I don’t care
In fact, let them have all the gems of the sea
Baby’s-breath and pink rose buds are all I’ll ever need

Let them lure poor fishermen to their fate
Like some morbid desire that they must sate
I am happy to run through the fields and trees
My friends at my side, We’re wild and free

A nymph of the earth is what title I claim
However I change, this truth remains
I always return to this meadow of light and dance
A smile on lips as deer and fox prance

And when the red sun begins to set, Aslan comes again
He curls around me as I weave flowers in his mane
Then, leaning into golden fur
I’m comforted by his strength and gentle purr.
-LM Jones


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