Above all Fight for Joy


2015-05-19 08.40.05

Little dreams rest upon me
The innocence of love given free

A lifetime of promise in azure eyes
No rush, there’s time for growing wise

Above all, fight for joy little one
Claim your peace, bask in the sun

The vast universe is a sumptuous spread
An endless banquet from which you’ll be fed

Through your experiences all is made new
Oh my son, all the world is open to you.

-LM Jones




2015-05-11 01.55.35

I once was a dreamer of dreams
And a thinker of things, was I.

I once was a bearer of wings
And amongst the seraphim I did fly.

I once wore a robe of stars
And the sun’s rays in my hair.

I once had a heart ruled by mars
And my mind flowed with the air.

I once, with wonder, traveled the lands
And consumed by music I twirled.

I once held promise in my hands
And my body contained the world.


I once, with joy, lived free
And so I will go back to be.

-LM Jones



2015-05-06 19.03.262015-05-06 18.05.55

Yeah…..I mixed these together…..I work in sales 55 hours a week and it’s 100% commission people! I need more than wings!