Chasing Jupiter


Her inspiration flitted away one day
Without saying goodbye
Little did he know the price she’d pay
To wait for him till she die

And so Venus crosses the skies
It’s Jupiter that she seeks
The universe looks on and sighs
At the weary pace she keeps

Goddess of love and fire
We watch her brightly burn
Trailing her one desire
Eternally shall she churn

God of lighting and storm
Most beautiful in her sight
A loss to forever mourn
Her cries ring through the night

Then, For just a moment they will meet
A blinding vision to behold
For a moment she’ll find what she seeks
Never to have and never again to hold.
-LM Jones




One day
I slowly melted away
Into the roots of an angel tree
You see?

The sky
So red, as I said goodbye
Flowing with the living sap
No map.

So drunk
Overwhelming joy, to be in the trunk
moving through swaying branches to dance with leaves
I cleave.

I float
Among silvery petals, wearing their moonlight coat
Tree soul (or leech) as I draw strength and delight from her marrow
And sorrow.

-LM Jones