You Darkness


“You darkness, that I come from,
I love you more than all the fires
that fence in the world,”

Here I am
So open for you
Do you love my wounds?
The light belongs to the carefree
So I cloak myself in darkness
And the stars burn bright for me
The night is my lover
And oh, he loves me well
Tear the wraps
And I’ll let you see
Pull away flesh
Unlock my ribcage
And there it is
My heart lying bare
Just leave the thorn please
Its press reminds me to live
I’m afraid, at its removal
I’d do nothing but bleed
And drown the world
With this life it traps inside.
-LM Jones
(Quote: Rainer Maria Rilke)


There was a Time before the Grey- A poem inspired by Robert Frost


Nothing Gold Can Stay


There was a time before the grey
Maybe it was blue
Like the sky on that bright spring day
warmed by the sun, I was lying next to you

There was a time before the grey
Maybe it was green
Like the fields where we played
Spinning stories of all the places we’d see

There was a time before the grey
It must have been gold
Too fragile a color to stay
Time has a way of making things cold

There was a time before the grey
It was blue and green and gold
The brilliant colors of youth, destined to decay
But in wistful memory we never grow old.
-LM Jones

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Nothing Gold Can Stay

A temporary being
Dust in a blink
I feel the weight of eternity in my bones
The vast universe in my fingertips
I grasp the sun with stars in my eyes
Even as the heat consumes
It’s a beautiful agony
As it sears away the lies
That harbour in my flesh
Setting fire to dreams beneath
Dreams wrapped around muscles and tendons
All burned away now
Pure white bones
Capsules of eternity
Ground up by solar waves
And released to float
Like stardust across the universe
-LM Jones

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Today, I am not…


Nothing Gold Can Stay

I am not the calm of a spring day
I am the scorching summer thunder
I am not the bird song of may
I am the lightning skies asunder

Don’t ask that I always be your smiling girl
It will only cause you pain
Don’t dress me in muslin and pin curl
I’ll just ruin them in the rain

Allow me to spin in the hurricane of my mind
Don’t hinder the wild flame
Yes, I am still your little one, good and kind
yet, I am also the wild thing, never to be tamed.

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Phoenix Falling


Absolute terror
Gusts of wind
So strong I’m pushed up and back
Hair lashing…stinging
Eyes tearing
Am I falling?

No up or down
Nothing at my sides
Then warmth enfolds
As I let go
And accept

Arms outstretched
Like a comet
Or falling star
My body is ablaze
And yet I remain unconsumed
Laughter echoes
Ringing in my ears
The sound of glee rising from me

As I curl and sway
Swimming the currents of air
Nothing can touch me
Nothing could even try
I am the Phoenix returned from ashes
And my inferno lights up the sky

All of a sudden
It all becomes clear
The earth is rising to me
I still feel no fear
As we rush to meet
Which force is stronger?
I suppose we shall see

Fire meets rock in an explosion of time
Eyes open
These eyes are mine
Inside my bed
Safe and sound

Brilliant light streams
Birds chirping
Windchimes ring
I breath deeply
And turn away
I miss the falling
I’m not ready for day.
-LM Jones

Find Me (Postcards to Myself pt. 2)


Meet me on the bridge of red
Beside a castle named for crows
I’ll have a honeysuckle crown upon my head
And I’ve braided yours with rose

When you close your eyes
And open them again
Let’s set fire to the lies
Knowing nothing of sin

Meet me in the land of the rising sun
Find me laughing under pink trees
Seek me when you’re new life’s begun
I’ll be reclining, velvet petals under knees

This life was never fair
Here, we were not meant to be
Just promise you’ll meet me there
Under the cherry blossom tree.
-LM Jones