How to Describe?


Just edited this. I think it flows much better now.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

My mind is a forest, Fathomless as the sea
It’s depths a mystery even to me

With the heart of a wolf yet untamed
A wild thing, fierce…unclaimed

A soul of rushing rivers and blinding wind
The power of lightning in this body of sin

How to describe myself to you
I’m as sweet as the lily crested in dew

Ah, but do not mistake my sweet for soft
I can be cooler than mountain frost.

A passion to rival the sun’s heated core
A spirit with wings, such pleasure to soar!

I’m the tree with her branches held high in praise
I’m the song in a sunset wrapped in pink rays

I’m all these or none, that’s up to you
I’m just me and I have nothing to prove.
-LM Jones

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