Phoenix Falling


Absolute terror
Gusts of wind
So strong I’m pushed up and back
Hair lashing…stinging
Eyes tearing
Am I falling?

No up or down
Nothing at my sides
Then warmth enfolds
As I let go
And accept

Arms outstretched
Like a comet
Or falling star
My body is ablaze
And yet I remain unconsumed
Laughter echoes
Ringing in my ears
The sound of glee rising from me

As I curl and sway
Swimming the currents of air
Nothing can touch me
Nothing could even try
I am the Phoenix returned from ashes
And my inferno lights up the sky

All of a sudden
It all becomes clear
The earth is rising to me
I still feel no fear
As we rush to meet
Which force is stronger?
I suppose we shall see

Fire meets rock in an explosion of time
Eyes open
These eyes are mine
Inside my bed
Safe and sound

Brilliant light streams
Birds chirping
Windchimes ring
I breath deeply
And turn away
I miss the falling
I’m not ready for day.
-LM Jones


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