The Beast (A Villanelle)


Nothing Gold Can Stay

I’m sure you’ve driven me quite insane;
I lost the key, and forgot the gate.
(I only have myself to blame.)

I want to see cracks, your cool surface I’d maim,
So I could pull myself through, into your world:
I’m sure you’ve driven me quite insane.

White flag raised, I give up the game
Scatter the pieces, just leave it to fate
(I only have myself to blame.)

A green fog crept into my brain:
Made its home as it unfurled:
I’m sure you’ve driven me quite insane.

I have tried to escape, in vain.
The beast won’t sleep; he ignores my attempts to sate.
(I only have myself to blame.)

The roles of life I almost successfully feign,
These bonds, they hold, they sting, and grate.
I’m sure you’ve driven me quite insane.
(I only have myself to blame.)
-LM Jones

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Little Golden Bird


“Who knows? Perhaps the same bird
echoed through both of us
yesterday, separate, in the evening.”

Little bird of gold
Why do you never fly?
How can you sit so bold
With gathering storms in sky?

I’m awaiting the sun
For he never fails to visit me
Very soon he’ll come
Sit and wait, you’ll see

But are the storms worth the light?
My doubt was very plain
Little bird, suffering in my sight
It didn’t seem quite sane

Oh yes! Every moment of the storm is worth his rays
Wait for the clouds to pass, And I’ll sing a song
What’s suffering compared to his warmth upon my face?
He’ll hear my call dear, it shan’t be long

And sure enough she began to sing
The winds and rain did cease
I found a small hope upon which to cling
Oh let the sun come for her, please!

And it was as if the heavens broke
The light was blinding to behold
Then I heard the sun as he spoke
It was all as I’d been told

He wrapped the small lovely dove
In golds of the brightest hue
The storms had been worth his love
Her words had proven true.

-LM Jones
(Quote: Rilke)

The Healers of Eleer


“She was never crazy.
She just never let her heart settle in a cage.
She was born wild,
and sometimes we need people like her.
For it’s the horrors in her heart
which cause the flames in ours.
And she was always willing
to burn for everything she has ever loved.”

There is a tale
Of a woman whose mere touch
Could remove all pain, fear and desire
So one moonless eve
those who had rescued and raised her
Since she was a babe
Had come to an agreement
That for the good of the people
She must be held

So bound she was
By rope about her wrists
And pulled through a dark wood
“Please, where are you taking me?”
But no answer was given
Before long they had arrived
A small cozy cottage in the heart of the forest

It is there, chained to the hearthstone
That he found her
He’d been a guest at the castle and overheard
The tale of a lass
With the magical power of healing touch
“Anything that ails you, body or mind,
Is soothed by the laying on of her hands.”

At these words the stranger listened intently
And his furry rose higher with each word spoken
“Oh, aye, and there’s healing power in the rest of her
Too! Ye ken?”
The men merrily chugged the rest of the ale
With hardy slaps on the back and nudges
“Perhaps we should pay her a visit this eve!
I’ve got some pain needs attending!”

It was then the stranger joined them
With another flagon of ale
Hours later he had the knowledge he needed
He left them inebriated
Slurring their boasts
And drooling on the tables

As he approached the cottage
He heard a commotion from inside
Carefully he peered into the window
There he watched as a grand noble woman
Stood over a cowering figure
Her pitiless gaze was piercing
“I don’t know why he’d come here to see you.
You’re such a pathetically weak creature!”

The girl was on her knees before the furious woman
Hands raised in supplication
“Mistress, please allow me to take your hands.
Let me ease whatever it is ails you.”
As he saw the woman’s arm raise he jumped into action
And ran around the cottage to the door
He heard the blow and the girl crumple to the floor
“You will not touch me you filth!
You are nothing but a chained whore
and I will make certain
You remain so until your death!”

At that moment the man crashed through the door
Before the startled woman could regain her composure
He grabbed her by the neck
Heaving her outside
He shouted, “you will not strike the princess of Eleer again woman!
I suggest you leave at once before my soldiers take you captive.”
At that the woman fled

My lady?
The girls eyes fluttered open
“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I had a guest
She hurried to her feet
As she pushed thick blonde hair away from her face
He saw the bruise beginning to swell on her cheekbone
But he also spotted the mark of the sun above her right eye
He is momentarily shocked into silence
And could only watch as she began to make tea

“What ails you sir?” She said as she sat and motioned for him to do the same
“Whatever it is, come sip this tea and open your heart to me and when I take your hands you will feel completely at peace.”
What her visitors didn’t realize is when they place their hands in hers
All their pain became hers
As if it had been hers all along
Every night she awakened from nightmares
Of lives and pain she had never actually endured

“Well, you see…I hail from an ancient land across the seas
And my love was stolen from me.”
He watched as she swirled the tea leaves in her glass
She still had not looked him in the eyes
“She was only a babe at the time of her capture.”
A frown had formed between her eyes
“How can your love have been a babe?”
“In my land she and I have lived many lives together.
Neither of us is complete without the other
And in this life she was stolen just after birth
I’ve spent this life searching for her.”

At this she finally raised her eyes to meet his
“Hello Princess Elora.”
He said as he gently took her hands into his own
“Gabriel? Oh! I remember now. They took me!
They stole me for the power of our people!”
Warmth was spreading from his fingers to hers
It stretched over her hands and up her arms
“Yes, my love, and how you have suffered!”
She felt the calm as all the pain she has taken over a lifetime
Was being pulled to mingle and twist with his own pain
And it was there, in that moment, that they healed one another
As only they could
And began anew.

-LM Jones
(Quote: r. m. Drake)

Ireland in Her Eyes


There is a lass
Who carries her homeland in her eyes
The land of the Emerald Isle
A gift passed through centuries

If you look closely
Into the depths
Of swirling greens and golds
You may be lured
into reflections of the past

And there she is
Or is it her?
About the Samhain fire

Cnoc na Teamhrach
The Hill of Tara
It is in this place of kings
That her soul is linked
You can see it in her eyes

You can see the joy of her people
At the harvest of their labor
You can almost smell her hair
And feel the softness of her hand
As you draw her away
To celebrate alone

The eyes of her land
Gleaming at your touch
The wind of emerald cliffs
Is her breath on your face
The ringing of a thousand sacred chants
Is her sighing in your ear
Draw her to your body
And feel the earth rise up to meet you.

-LM Jones

Not About Angels


“That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt.”

Yes, pain demands to be felt
An inferno arising from within
Refuses to be ignored
No point in placation

I have learned to let tears fall
Wherever they may
And I will feel no shame
In my submission
I give myself over to the tidal wave

Total surrender
As up up up…I’m carried
Then, reaching the crest, I’m pushed
Not over, but back
To fall and crash

Churned with the rocks and shells
I am become smooth
Refinement in the fire
I’m gold
Made new from the old

And from below calm waters
I see the brilliant dawn
I break the surface
Breathing life in sobbing gulps

Astonishment! As golden wings unfurl
And I begin to rise
The watchers wait to see
That an angel has been born.

-LM Jones
(Quote: The Fault in Our Stars)

Holy Water Coming Down


“Understand, I’ll slip quietly
away from the noisy crowd
when I see the pale
stars rising, blooming, over the oaks.

I’ll pursue solitary pathways
through the pale twilit meadows,
with only this one dream:
You come too.”

Give me the wind, the river, and trees
For with them I am most free

I long to flow with the autum air
To feel it on my skin…pulling my unbound hair

Give me the violence of a storm, physical release
Don’t deny me the hurricane, please?

Follow me down the path my love, but first
Press your lips to mine…quench my hungry thirst

-LM Jones
(Quote: Rilke)

Will You?


“Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?
Will you still love me when I’ve got nothing but my aching soul?”

There’s a green light
It hovers on the edge of consciousness
Sometimes dim
Then, as blinding as the sun
A beacon or is it siren song?

There’s a green light
That beckons me to you
And like Gatsby
I’m drawn to the color of my desire
Bound by a dreaming spirit

There’s a green light
As I stand, arm outstretched…reaching
The masses can’t see
Don’t want to comprehend
What it is that draws us
You, I…and Gatsby

Green is the color of love
Even more so than red
You can see it in my eyes
The place that passion blessed
Meet my gaze, it’s there you’ll find
That all the lovely shades of green…are made mine.
-LM Jones