L’ianə and the Dragon Path (II)


Nothing Gold Can Stay

In the darkness L’ianə watches Chygon. After placing the wood and tinder it only takes a motion of his fingers to start the fire. The first time L’ianə had observed him doing this she’d been terrified by his almost careless use of magic. Magic had been forbidden in her village and punishable by death. L’ianə knew this only too well. She’d been barefoot, hungry, and cold the night she’d watched her mother burn to death. A memory of her beautiful mother stands before her in the flames of his camp fire. Yes, she’d been the most beautiful woman in the village with eyes so green they almost glowed and white gold hair that had shown as a halo around her heart shaped face. She’d been gifted in the art of healing and had taught L’ianə all she knew. Her gifts hadn’t been enough to save her when her rejection of…

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