Do you remember those late summer days
When you follwed me through blueberry trees?
You wanted to kiss my blue stained lips
But I slipped from your grasp
Laughed as I skipped
Ready for the chase
I was young enough to fear your need
Still young enough for daydreams
“Will you find me when we’ve grown?”
I asked as we jumped the bales of hay
“I’ll follow you around the world.”
You lied so easily
Do you remember when you finally caught me?
One lazy humid eve
You were pushing me in the swing that hung
From my favorite ancient tree
Then you cupped my burning face
Pushed blonde hair from my eyes
The world in slow motion
As your lips met mine
You took the first kiss
I’m not sure I was ready to give
So I wiped you from my mouth
And pushed away
“Swing me some more” was my command
As head tipped and eyes closed
My hair swept the ground.

-LM Jones


No Bird


“I am no bird and no net ensnares me.”

I’ll fly to you my dear
And eat from your open hand

Perched there, I preen and croon
A song for you alone

Oh how you love the surrender of wild things
Shaping them to your will

I must warn you my love
Do not mistake my acquiescence

I’ll never sit tame in a cage for you
Not always respond to your entreat

For the world is my domain
And The sky my home.

-LM Jones
(Quote: Jane Eyre)