What I Wouldn’t Do


I can’t tell you exactly how it will end.
But I can say this:
When it begins,
It will feel like rain
And when it ends,
It will feel like the fire.
And the truth is,
We’re all beautifully mad enough
To believe that maybe love
Was meant to save us from ourselves.”

His hand, trembling and outstretched
To the beautifully frail creature before him
She eyed the hand and the boy
Ready to flee
If he began to move too quickly

Day after day he held out his hand
Then he’d sit quietly
Sometimes he’d read
As he listened to her falcon song
Then he began to sing along

Closer and closer
She was drawn
To the bright colors
Formed by their entwining music
Until, finally, at his feet she perched

When next he offered his hand
She didn’t resist
And lighted upon his wrist
Accepting tender caress
And sweet words turned to song once more

When he returned again
He was stunned to see his friend
Was no falcon at all
But a girl of the fey
Stood unveiled before him

The same emerald eyes
Feathers turned to locks of gold
No fear left
But a laugh of joy for his ears alone
Now her trembling hands open, offered to him

And it is there that they lived
In the dreaming forest
Laughing and climbing trees
For they remembered no other life
Before his hand in hers.
-LM Jones
(Quote: R.M. Drake)




I went to DragonCon this year and cosplayed my character Niamah.
2015-10-13 10.43.00

2015-10-13 10.43.41

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Niamah stands very still at the edge of the turbulent gray water. Just the tips of her bare toes are submerged. She can feel the chill, like icy tendrils, crawling up her legs and spreading throughout her body. The cold wraps her like a vice as a gust of wind irritably pulls her golden hair from its braid.  A fine mist settles on her cheeks like a tender kiss and there’s a sort of comfort in its caress. The thin bed clothes are no protection from the demanding elements, but rather than fight them she willingly, almost happily, gives herself over to them.

As she observes the river she begins to notice little details under its surface. The stones are an impossibly smooth ivory. She resists the urge to bend and scoop one into her palm. Her eyes are drawn to a black moss growing around the stones. It glistens…

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Moonlight Sonata


“And I, infinitesimal being,
Drunk with the great starry void,
Likeness, image of mystery,
Felt myself a pure part
Of the abyss,
I wheeled with the stars,
My heart broke loose on the wind.”

Beneath the keening stars
I was lying in softest grass
Golden light of Mars
The moon could not surpass

Delicious breeze of Fall
Gently kissing exposed skin
Demanded no less than all
Frozen tears upon chin

The beauty of the singing void
The universe burned bright for me
Light drifted to eyes and toyed
Visions only I could see

I began to sleep
My thoughts would keep

Under the chaos I discovered my rest
For yes, my soul was unsound
Yet, in that moment I felt blessed
Pieces of me longing to be found.
-LM Jones

(Quote: Pablo Neruda.
Painting: Jon Masters https://m.facebook.com/thehomelessartist)

Heavy In Your Arms


I walked through a hurricane today my love
Pelting winds and rain stung my eyes and skin
But I would not be deterred
I picked a flower for you
A sad little morning glory
She was blushed and wilted
Then I walked away, said goodbye
I kissed her three times
And dropped her to the ground
To be trampled
Perhaps to be found
By you
My love is a heavy thing
Much like this hurricane
So run for cover
Like you always do
-LM Jones