What I Wouldn’t Do


I can’t tell you exactly how it will end.
But I can say this:
When it begins,
It will feel like rain
And when it ends,
It will feel like the fire.
And the truth is,
We’re all beautifully mad enough
To believe that maybe love
Was meant to save us from ourselves.”

His hand, trembling and outstretched
To the beautifully frail creature before him
She eyed the hand and the boy
Ready to flee
If he began to move too quickly

Day after day he held out his hand
Then he’d sit quietly
Sometimes he’d read
As he listened to her falcon song
Then he began to sing along

Closer and closer
She was drawn
To the bright colors
Formed by their entwining music
Until, finally, at his feet she perched

When next he offered his hand
She didn’t resist
And lighted upon his wrist
Accepting tender caress
And sweet words turned to song once more

When he returned again
He was stunned to see his friend
Was no falcon at all
But a girl of the fey
Stood unveiled before him

The same emerald eyes
Feathers turned to locks of gold
No fear left
But a laugh of joy for his ears alone
Now her trembling hands open, offered to him

And it is there that they lived
In the dreaming forest
Laughing and climbing trees
For they remembered no other life
Before his hand in hers.
-LM Jones
(Quote: R.M. Drake)


15 thoughts on “What I Wouldn’t Do

  1. Leah, thank you for your visits today.I’m glad that you appreciate my work. I’ve just read this piece and it is so beautifully and sensitively written. I look forward to reading more of your work. Oh and I can identify with little wild girl in you. Climbed trees myself and was also princess of the woods but terrified of snakes:-)

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