The Joy and the Sting


Nothing Gold Can Stay

“Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony, this life”

I remember a song that defined my youth

I knew the truth of it even then

And the symphony glides over my skin

Silken tendrils gently encasing heart

Where bitter thorn is pressed

“It stings.” I whimper

Ah, but there’s no separating the joy and the sting

This I have learned

Behind closed lids I can see

The colors of the symphony

As they dance and swirl, roll and flicker

Slowly fingers rise to the melody

Conductors in their own right

There’s no resisting the bitter and the sweet

The joy and the sting

And so,

My body moves to the rhythm

It sways

I accept

And roll with this symphony called life.

-LM Jones

(Quote: bittersweet symphony by The Verve.)

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All I Have to Do is Dream


Who’s not to say
That sparkling orbs of dust
Floating through afternoon light
Aren’t the golden stars
Of some invisible universe?

Perhaps they are worlds upon worlds
Where we live all manner of lives
I like to imagine that I’m with you
On one of those tiny planets
And there, I’ll do everything with you

We laugh as children in amber fields
And as darkness falls I feel no fear
Your hand in mine, leading through fireflies
“These are the stars come to earth to bless us”
You whisper as one kisses my open palm

Indeed the living stars approve our joy
As they wreath our youthful brows
Becoming our lightning crowns
Seeing their reflections in our eyes
Mingled with purest love

Always children on this plane
Never to suffer or sorrow
Nourished by honeysuckle winds
And cradled in grandfather trees
No death’s sting or fear of tomorrow.

-LM Jones

Leah of The Meadow


“She slept with wolves
Without fear
For the wolves knew
A lion was among them.”

Leah means weary
A name with a curse
Named for a woman of ancient times
She was always second choice

You may feel pity for her
But the story is happy in the end
Leah is blessed above Rachel
And becomes mother to the nations

Leah, bone-tired
how familiar those depths
Laced with premonition
And yet, a gift to discover

For there’s another meaning
“Of the meadow”
Blessed by nature
Healed by her light

Child of the meadow
This title, I shall claim
Never destined for the shadow
Kissed by the sun and baptized in rain.

-LM Jones
(Quote: RM Drake)

Something True


The sun is bright today
After an eternity of clouds and rain
A choice, to tuck sadness away
It will keep, this nagging pain

“I forgive you”
That’s so cliche
So I’ll say something true
I don’t. No, not today

Nor tomorrow, as well
But here I stand
A heart longing to swell
Catching light on trembling hands

Open still
Though not for you
So go on, toil and mill
Does old dust reveal anything new?

You’ll discover it’s all the same, I’m afraid
But don’t come looking for me
You go twist in the bed you’ve made
I intend to waltz with this breeze

And so I’m called away
The wind is tugging my hair
I won’t miss you as I play
Won’t hear your laughter in the air.

-LM Jones

You Darkness


Nothing Gold Can Stay

“You darkness, that I come from,
I love you more than all the fires
that fence in the world,”

Here I am
So open for you
Do you love my wounds?
The light belongs to the carefree
So I cloak myself in darkness
And the stars burn bright for me
The night is my lover
And oh, he loves me well
Tear the wraps
And I’ll let you see
Pull away flesh
Unlock my ribcage
And there it is
My heart lying bare
Just leave the thorn please
Its press reminds me to live
I’m afraid, at its removal
I’d do nothing but bleed
And drown the world
With this life it traps inside.
-LM Jones
(Quote: Rainer Maria Rilke)

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Moonlight Sonata


Nothing Gold Can Stay

“And I, infinitesimal being,
Drunk with the great starry void,
Likeness, image of mystery,
Felt myself a pure part
Of the abyss,
I wheeled with the stars,
My heart broke loose on the wind.”

Beneath the keening stars
I was lying in softest grass
Golden light of Mars
The moon could not surpass

Delicious breeze of Fall
Gently kissing exposed skin
Demanded no less than all
Frozen tears upon chin

The beauty of the singing void
The universe burned bright for me
Light drifted to eyes and toyed
Visions only I could see

I began to sleep
My thoughts would keep

Under the chaos I discovered my rest
For yes, my soul was unsound
Yet, in that moment I felt blessed
Pieces of me longing to be found.
-LM Jones

(Quote: Pablo Neruda.
Painting: Jon Masters

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Head Down, Little Girl


“Maybe all of these things
Make me who I am
And I am
Only looking up
When my heads down.”

Head down, little girl
Time to put away hope
Like the child’s toy it is
Always looking up
At the ground

You’re tired, little girl
Why have you not closed your eyes?
So weary of this world
And all their selfish lies
Sleep baby, sleep

You’re lonely, little girl
Hold loneliness like a lover
For he will never abandon you
Learn to crave his cool embrace
Lavender breath upon your face

You have been used, little girl
Too many times to count
Even hearts of gold die
Embrace the fall
Don’t dream to fly.

-LM Jones