All I Have to Do is Dream


Who’s not to say
That sparkling orbs of dust
Floating through afternoon light
Aren’t the golden stars
Of some invisible universe?

Perhaps they are worlds upon worlds
Where we live all manner of lives
I like to imagine that I’m with you
On one of those tiny planets
And there, I’ll do everything with you

We laugh as children in amber fields
And as darkness falls I feel no fear
Your hand in mine, leading through fireflies
“These are the stars come to earth to bless us”
You whisper as one kisses my open palm

Indeed the living stars approve our joy
As they wreath our youthful brows
Becoming our lightning crowns
Seeing their reflections in our eyes
Mingled with purest love

Always children on this plane
Never to suffer or sorrow
Nourished by honeysuckle winds
And cradled in grandfather trees
No death’s sting or fear of tomorrow.

-LM Jones


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