Addict With A Pen


“I try desperately to run
Through the sand
As I hold the water
In the palm of my hand
Cause it’s all that I have
And it’s all that I need and
The waves of the water
Mean nothing to me
But I try my best
And all that I can to
Hold tightly onto
What’s left in my hand
But no matter how
How tightly I will strain
The sand will slow me down
And the water will drain
I’m just being dramatic
In fact,
I’m only at it again
As an addict with a pen
Who’s addicted to the wind
As it blows me back and forth
Mindless, spineless, and pretend
Of course I’ll be here again
See you tomorrow
But it’s the end of today
End of my ways
As a walking denial
My trial was filed as a crazy
Suicidal head case
But you specialize in dying
You hear me screaming
And I’m lying here just crying
So wash me with your water.”

Here I am again
Words before my eyes
Even the tree must bend
As the wind rushes and sighs

The sun is brightly flowing
Making love to exposed skin
Green eyes, though tired, are glowing
These veils of my soul, so thin

Too weary for passion now
Where have my dreams flown?
I drop to knees and bow
I need to be shown.

-LM Jones
(Quote: Twenty-one pilots)