Dismantled Love


“I love you
With every
piece of me.
I will love
And love
And love
Until I have nothing
And then
I will make more
Out of the nothing
That lives
Where everything
Once did.
I would
Dismantle me
To put you
Back together

If only it were possible
To reach through a screen
Touch that moment
My soul was captured
For a split second
Caught in a photo
And yell through time and space
Glare into those ocean-like eyes
Shake and slap
My own
Dream filled
“You are destroying yourself!!”
Ah, but I knew then
Didn’t I?
Yes, and I know still…
I will do it again.

I will love you
With a passion
That glistens on your skin
Like holy gold dust
At a tent revival
I will love you
Even when you don’t
And the selfless purity of it
Is your beacon
And my bondage
I am yours
To crush
Or caress.

-LM Jones
(Quote: Tyler Knott Gregson)

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