The Healing Allure of Nature


Lying in the emerald grasses
My favorite place to be
Nature whispers as she passes
“Throw off sadness and dance with me”

She carries the scent of water and earth
Trailing silver clouds on her cloak
The birds of the air echo her mirth
Wrapping me with healing as she spoke

The chimes of the clock tower swept over my face
Like the phoenix that I am, I begin to rise
Floating on the wondrous symphony of this place
Ash no more, as I soar through the skies.
-LM Jones
2015-10-12 18.42.02

This is a recomposition of one of my favorite composers Antonio Vivaldi. It’s named Summer but spotify notified me that I always listen to it in the fall. It must speak of Autumn to me. enjoy.

10 thoughts on “The Healing Allure of Nature

  1. I definitely feel close to nature myself and believe immensely in its healing powers. So I find this a really nice post. Also the choice of music is very fitting :P.

    I know you’ve followed a few of my posts, but the one I think that connects the most with this is called “The Right Kind Of Love”. I tried my best to personify nature so that it can describe the intense feeling of satisfaction being out in it can bring. Much like the satisfaction that love can, the key difference being, nature will never leave you heart broken.

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  2. Love this. Nature definitely has healing qualities. Every time I step outside, I instantly feel its peacefulness. I can also tell my writing gets stale if I stay inside too long without fresh air to clear the cobwebs.

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