Find Me (Postcards to Myself pt. 2)


Meet me on the bridge of red
Beside a castle named for crows
I’ll have a honeysuckle crown upon my head
And I’ve braided yours with rose

When you close your eyes
And open them again
Let’s set fire to the lies
Knowing nothing of sin

Meet me in the land of the rising sun
Find me laughing under pink trees
Seek me when you’re new life’s begun
I’ll be reclining, velvet petals under knees

This life was never fair
Here, we were not meant to be
Just promise you’ll meet me there
Under the cherry blossom tree.
-LM Jones


Postcards to Myself (part I)


My mind is an avalanche
Of places I will never go
And people I will never be…

Pangong Lake, Ladakh

So serene
as I slip off shoes
All the better to feel
Smooth grey stones
Hot against my tender feet
A soft breeze
And reflections of cotton clouds
In azure water
They enfold me

As I follow this path
Anticipation flows through me
There is much more to come
I breath India

Living Root Bridges, Meghalaya

Created from living roots
The far away brothers
Of my childhood tree
My own tree
That cradled me in his great arms
I feel him here with me
As I cross
And as I press my cheek to bark
Eyes closed I hear the wind and water
I feel the earth
So similar and yet so unlike home
I breath India

Almora, Uttarakhand

Adorned by so many temples built by hand
Yet your peaks are temples in their own right
Yes, I see you
I hear your worship
More powerful than any created by man
You stand as a testament to real power
And beauty
A beauty almost too sharp to comprehend
I lift my arms in reflection
Of your great height
And we are all raised to the skies
You, the birds, the trees, and I
I breath India

Indian Ghost Town of Bhangarh, Rajasthan

I wander this long abandoned city
And the little girl in me is thrilled to life
So many secret places explored
By my adventurous little heart
No lock kept this child out
Something about the lost and forgotton
Croons to be seen by my eyes alone
And so now this ghost of a town
Has beckoned me to her mysteries
Only I appreciate the magic
Long stored in still warm walls
My fingers seek it out
My body hears the song
I breath India

-LM Jones
(what I listened to as I wrote this