Ireland in Her Eyes


There is a lass
Who carries her homeland in her eyes
The land of the Emerald Isle
A gift passed through centuries

If you look closely
Into the depths
Of swirling greens and golds
You may be lured
into reflections of the past

And there she is
Or is it her?
About the Samhain fire

Cnoc na Teamhrach
The Hill of Tara
It is in this place of kings
That her soul is linked
You can see it in her eyes

You can see the joy of her people
At the harvest of their labor
You can almost smell her hair
And feel the softness of her hand
As you draw her away
To celebrate alone

The eyes of her land
Gleaming at your touch
The wind of emerald cliffs
Is her breath on your face
The ringing of a thousand sacred chants
Is her sighing in your ear
Draw her to your body
And feel the earth rise up to meet you.

-LM Jones