The Loudness of Silence


When I find myself
In the midst of your silence
And my soul screams for reply
I will not feel abandoned
But remember the words
You’ve already spoken
Over my life.
In the barren places
Inside these dry bones
I will choose praise
I’ll sing of your mercies…
And rest in your grace
Just as the breath of your words
Caused the earth to unfurl
I will speak of your promises
And create my own worlds.
-LM Jones


Writer’s Block?


Is the true test
Of a writer
In the midst
Of Barren thoughts?

Shall I press onward?
Produce lines?
Or will I simmer
And create something real?

I choose to wait
Let the fire and the thunder
Linger not far from me

Am I doomed to be
Living dust?
Return! Chaos and spark!

I beg you…
Flow true again
Vital, like blood and breath
-LM Jones