Dry Bones


In the Fall
My dreams burst forth
Mimicking the trees
As they danced and shone
Enrobed, as they were,
In their lustful reds
And happy golds

And I watched
As they too fell
One by one
And turned brown
With decay
Then came a cool wind
And the sound
As they rattled up and away
…like so many dry bones
Clanking with glee

The beauty
That anguish
Will momentarily bring
The impact of every sense
More profound
Like the fire of a star
Burning brightest
With its last breath.

-LM Jones




As the halo of the moon
Dips to kiss the fevered trees
Night’s creatures stir and croon
My wayward tears are caught on knees

Knees planted firmly in red southern clay
Yet a mind Spinning and wild with stars
And there’s nothing they can say
To force rogue soul behind gold bars

I dreamt the halo kissed you too
And left a mark upon your brow
Each day to be renewed
An immortal strumming vow

I will wait for you beneath the halo
I’ll walk dark paths to find my peace
Softly, cradled by the weeping willow
Rest to be had, yet no release

You have my heart
Never should you question this
We knew, you and I, from the start
The moon chose us, blessed and kissed.

-LM Jones

All I Have to Do is Dream


Who’s not to say
That sparkling orbs of dust
Floating through afternoon light
Are the golden stars
Of some invisible universe?

Perhaps they are worlds upon worlds
Where we live all manner of lives
I like to imagine that I’m with you
On one of those tiny planets
And there, I’ll do everything with you

We laugh as children in amber fields
And as darkness falls I feel no fear
Your hand in mine, leading through fireflies
“These are the stars come to earth to bless us”
You whisper as one kisses my open palm

Indeed the living stars approve our joy
As they wreath our youthful brows
Becoming our lightning crowns
Seeing their reflections in our eyes
Mingled with purest love

Always children on this plane
Never to suffer or sorrow
Nourished by honeysuckle winds
And cradled in grandfather trees
No death’s sting or fear of tomorrow.

-LM Jones

Something True


The sun is bright today
After an eternity of clouds and rain
A choice, to tuck sadness away
It will keep, this nagging pain

“I forgive you”
That’s so cliche
So I’ll say something true
I don’t. No, not today

Nor tomorrow, as well
But here I stand
A heart longing to swell
Catching light on trembling hands

Open still
Though not for you
So go on, toil and mill
Does old dust reveal anything new?

You’ll discover it’s all the same, I’m afraid
But don’t come looking for me
You go twist in the bed you’ve made
I intend to waltz with this breeze

And so I’m called away
The wind is tugging my hair
I won’t miss you as I play
Won’t hear your laughter in the air.

-LM Jones

I’ll Sit in the Ashes With You


“I’ll sit in the ashes with you”
And here I sit…alone
Music lost its hue
No comfort for ugly bones

Ashes on my head
Ashes in my eyes
Ashes are my bed
Ashes for your lies

Cut deep…and watch it turn to clay
Flow and sigh
Red like roads where I’d play
Red like pulse…behind closed eyes

Little girl full of dreams
As happy as you’ll ever be
Trapped inside she screams
Please don’t grow to be me

Such a lovely mess, my dear
How they adore your tortured soul
Now black liner smeared
Mourn another piece he stole

So easily capture his eyes
So easily enflame his desire
So easily inspire his lies
So easily led to his fire.

Stir the ashes
Into crimson clay
Lightning flashes
On another day.
-LM Jones

Weep or Sing


“How fragile the human heart must be
A throbbing pulse,
A fragile,
Shining instrument
Of crystal,
Which can either weep
Or sing.”

What a great adventure
To be loved by her
For in her madness
She has a passion
Surpassed by no other
And a devotion
That all but smothers.

-LM Jones
(Quote: Sylvia Plath)

What I Wouldn’t Do


I can’t tell you exactly how it will end.
But I can say this:
When it begins,
It will feel like rain
And when it ends,
It will feel like the fire.
And the truth is,
We’re all beautifully mad enough
To believe that maybe love
Was meant to save us from ourselves.”

His hand, trembling and outstretched
To the beautifully frail creature before him
She eyed the hand and the boy
Ready to flee
If he began to move too quickly

Day after day he held out his hand
Then he’d sit quietly
Sometimes he’d read
As he listened to her falcon song
Then he began to sing along

Closer and closer
She was drawn
To the bright colors
Formed by their entwining music
Until, finally, at his feet she perched

When next he offered his hand
She didn’t resist
And lighted upon his wrist
Accepting tender caress
And sweet words turned to song once more

When he returned again
He was stunned to see his friend
Was no falcon at all
But a girl of the fey
Stood unveiled before him

The same emerald eyes
Feathers turned to locks of gold
No fear left
But a laugh of joy for his ears alone
Now her trembling hands open, offered to him

And it is there that they lived
In the dreaming forest
Laughing and climbing trees
For they remembered no other life
Before his hand in hers.
-LM Jones
(Quote: R.M. Drake)