I’ll be in the Air


“I will never
Be a morning person,
For the moon and I
Are much too in love.”

Will the words of our lives
One day enrobe
The stones of our graves?
Our pages will be
The memorials of our lives
Let others pause
Or simply pass us by
Some will take for granted
Our souls laid bare
But I
I’m beckoned by the moon
And I’ll be in the air

-LM Jones
(Quote: Christopher Poindexter)




“She could not make sense
Of the things that were meant for her,
But she was drawn to it all.
And when she was alone,
She felt like the moon:
Terrified of the sky,
But completely in love with
The way it held the stars.”

As the halo of the moon
Dips to kiss the fevered trees
Night’s creatures stir and croon
My wayward tears are caught on knees

Knees planted firmly in red southern clay
Yet a mind Spinning and wild with stars
And there’s nothing they can say
To force rogue soul behind gold bars

I dreamt the halo kissed you too
And left a mark upon your brow
Each day to be renewed
An immortal strumming vow

I will wait for you beneath the halo
I’ll walk dark paths to find my peace
Softly, cradled by the weeping willow
Rest to be had, yet no release

You have my heart
Never should you question this
We knew, you and I, from the start
The moon chose us, blessed and kissed.

-LM Jones
(Quote: RM Drake)
(Image by me)

Breath Me


I am the air
As it glides over your skin
And hair
Breath me in, my love
And I’ll anoint you
With the sweet fragrance
Of myrrh and rose

I am the song
A melody of colors
And light
Dance to me, my love
And I’ll enfold you
In the crook of arm and breast
As we drift softly Into sleep

I am the moon
Goddess of the violent tide
and a wolf’s wild heart
Howl for me, my love
And with silvered hands
I’ll lift you
Into the warmth of my skies.

-LM Jones

I Was Kissed by the Moon One Dark Night


I was kissed by the moon one dark night
I had looked upon his golden countenance
So unlike the harsh sun
Whose heat is a scornful slap

I was kissed by the moon one dark night
It was a gentle silver light
That floated around my head
A caress on my pale upturned face

I was kissed by the moon one dark night
He’s cool and ever-changing, mysterious in his ways
But I’m a fire to rival the sun
Demanding, insatiable, ready to consume the world, entirely

I was kissed by the moon one dark night
A fleeting moment of calm and silence
My bare feet in the grass, naked arms in the breeze
I didn’t resist the chill

I was kissed by the moon one dark night
The world, always more brilliant in his light
Deep shadows beckoned and promised intrigue

But I stood, alone and still,
Relishing the cool solitude, however temporary
Because inside I’m a burning chaos
-LM Jones