The Loudness of Silence


When I find myself
In the midst of your silence
And my soul screams for reply
I will not feel abandoned
But remember the words
You’ve already spoken
Over my life.
In the barren places
Inside these dry bones
I will choose praise
I’ll sing of your mercies…
And rest in your grace
Just as the breath of your words
Caused the earth to unfurl
I will speak of your promises
And create my own worlds.
-LM Jones


Of Vineyards and Black Sheep


Do you see me now?
You, who were a father of my heart
(Tell me, are you proud?)

I wear nostalgia like a shroud
Stubbornly, you decided who I am
Do you see me now?

And my soul…It became boughed
When I couldn’t uphold my part
(Tell me, are you proud?)

It was a heavy weight that you endowed
I had your blessing to stick to the plan
Do you see me now?

In the end, you wouldn’t acknowledge me before the crowd
So sure you knew exactly what was in my heart
(Tell me, are you proud?)

You never let me try to explain aloud
Your own assumptions still set apart
Do you see me now?
(Tell me, are you proud?)
-LM Jones