There was a Time before the Grey- A poem inspired by Robert Frost



There was a time before the grey
Maybe it was blue
Like the sky on that bright spring day
warmed by the sun, lying next to you

There was a time before the grey
Maybe it was green
Like the fields where we played
Spinning stories of all the places we’d see

There was a time before the grey
It must have been gold
Too fragile a color to stay
Time has a way of making things cold

There was a time before the grey
It was blue and green and gold
The brilliant colors of youth, destined to decay
But in wistful memory we never grow old.
-LM Jones


Wheel of Time



Passively, I observe the world as it whirls by
I have endured long here, patiently waiting
Counting my years across the sky
As time, doing what time will, continues her winding and plaiting

Sometimes, I dream of a golden day
When happiness is simple and beauty more true
Merrily, I turn! In the water I play
I’m in my glory. The world is new

A woman’s laughing, yellow hay in her hair
There’s joy in the reaping of what has been sown
They work hard for their bounty, no question of fair
And feel pride in knowing they created their own

Then, I open my eyes on this present noisy haze
Where even the air is stingy and thin
It’s people scurry like rats in a maze
lines of worry etched in their skin

Some, with pity, gaze upon me. I don’t care for them
Is it the passage of time that they fear?
I know the glory of the past and will endure to view it all again
The years go by but I am always here

My frame is sagging now, I’ve grown old and weary
I think I’ll rest some more
Yes, close my eyes on a world grown dreary
and open them again when it’s all less a bore.
-LM Jones